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Oil Filter problems

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Ok, just changed the oil on my 03 kat at about 850, I know the book says 600 but that was the only time I had to get it done. I changed the oil alright, but I had a problem with the oil filter... I couldn't get the dang thing off. Spent about 15 minutes by hand, and then went to autozone and picked up a special tool for taking off oil filters and other non sprocket type items. After 45 minutes, I still didn't have any luck. I ended up just putting the new oil in without changing the oil filter. My guess was that they just wanted me to buy another filter, which I did, soon after I bought the bike and that the original one can last to the winter, when I plan on changing it out.... My question is, does anyone have an idea how to get the oil filter off next time. I've heard driving a screwdriver through the filter with a hammer would work, but I'm looking for some other alternatives.

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One thing I found to work well was those oil filter cup wrenches. If you don't know what I'm talking about ita a cup that fits over the end of a filter, with a profile that matches the little flats on the filter. It also has a 3/8 square in the back so you can fit your socket wrench in it. You can get these at your Suzuki dealer.............. Another trick is to wrap some sandpaper around your strap-wrench to get you some extra grip.
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