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OK ... I did it

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Thanks in no small part to some of the posts that I've read on this forum, I took the plunge and am getting a 2K5 GSXR600.

I pick it up in a couple of weeks. I am VERY excited. Don't know how I'm gonna' stand the wait! Any advice on this???
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Didn't sell the sporty yet. I'll probably keep it for a while. Surprisingly, I've got LOTS of people interested in it. Co-workers, friends, cousin, sister.

I've got magazines and my eyes hurt from cruising the forums. The dealer is down in OH, so it's a bit far. I didn't think of books about riding. I'll try that. Good advice.
Gixxerdale said:
So while you're waiting you got some shopping to do! :mrgreen:
I've got a full-face. HJC CL-14. It's three years old. Maybe seen 500 miles of use. Is it true that the material in some helmets deteriorate or become brittle after a period of time thus reducing their effectiveness? Should I worry?

I've got boots that I like.

I've got a jacket, but I'm in the market for a new one. I kinda like the Icon Motorhead. I tried one on and it was the best fit of a jacket I ever tried. But to be honest, I'm excited to wear a jacket that says Harley Davidson in several places while riding a Japanese sport bike (hehehe).

I do want some gloves. I'm spoiled on fingerless gloves, so I've got to find some that are relatively unencumbered.

Tank bag. I never thought of that. The only luggage that's on my current bike is a tool bag. Occasionally I bungee a bag on the back.

On with the shopping ...
chrisan said:
I have an Icon Motorhead and I like it, the only problem is that it doesn't have a zipper to connect to pants.
Now I wish i bought one with a zipper, although I still like the looks of my jaket more than what I've seen so far in this price range.
Regarding quality, I had a minor fall/25-30 m/h/ and the jacked did protect me, although I feel there could have been a better shoulder padding, because my shoulder hurt for a day or two after the accident. And I could imagine this jacket being not very sufficent in a more major accident. But all and all the jacket is a great buy for the money.
Congrats on the gixxer I have the same bike /04/ and I love it.
Thanks for the great feedback. One question about it. How is the jacket in warm weather? Warm like 80 degrees and up.

I'm thinking I might get this jacket for tooling around, and something more dedicated for serious rides.
Gixxerdale said:
80 degrees ? Warm ? BRRR...... :mrgreen:
That's mighty warm. This morning on my 25-mile commute it was 38 degrees when I started out. My fingers on my left hand got cold.

It's all relative. I'm relatively sure that I wish I was riding where you are.
Beautiful bike shadygrey. I'm a bit jealous. Y/B is AWESOME !!!
Hunter said:
We have been out riding around for about three weeks, had weather as nice as +13 "Canada". The snow was all gone. Got up this morning and we have over 1 foot of snow with more to come :evil:
Is +13 "Canada" centigrade? If it is, that's warm. If not, you're a bit crazy in my book. But ya gotta' do what ya' gotta do.

At anything below about 34 F on my Harley, the speedo doesn't go past 15 MPH. POS. I usually take that as an indication that I shouldn't be riding.
The salt residue is totally gone here now (SE Michigan). That is slippery stuff. I'd almost rather ride on wet pavement than that.

As far as your snow dilemma, that truly sucks. That's pretty warm to be having that much snow. Then some rain. Hopefully it rains hard to clean up the salt, then is really windy to dry the rain.

How about a sled instead of a bike?
SVboy84 said:
Congrats Jes! I am near you, I am actually in Rosevill area and i ride daily to and from work on my bike. It is a blast. Temps after work are fine but to work my full leather suit keeps me nice and warm. It is very chilly without it! Definitly post some pics and lemme know when you get the bike we can go for a ride sometime!!
I'm a west-sider. Plymouth, Ypsi, Canton.

I ride to work too. On my Harley. No windshield or anything like that. Half helmet. Chilly. I do break out the chaps. I hate those things. They are only good for breaking wind :wink: .

I'm definitely looking into full leathers. Both for the weather and for protection. I just don't know what yet. I pick up my new bike Friday (less than 48 hours --- woohoo). I'm gonna' baby it home and put on a few easy miles before I take the plunge and spend 10% of the price of a bike on new gear. I figure that any good ideas that I have now for gear will be totally different after I get a feel for a new bike. A GSXR-600 is definitely a different animal than a H-D Sportster.
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