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Painting my windscreen on my GSXR600

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anyone ever heard of this or seen it? I was talking to my buddy and he asked if I ever croutched down to look through it and I told him no. He said that he would just paint the back side of it then vs going out and buying a smoked one. Is this a dumb idea or what? Thanks for your input.
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Painting is permanent, plus it's illegal to not be able to see through it. I'd say try window tint. It could work if you know how to apply it appropriately, plus if anyone gives you **** (cops, inspection) you can peel it off. Also; if you mess up the paint, you;ll have to buy a new shield anyways.
I live in NY and any vehicle with tint on the front window that is very dark(like back windows in SUV's) is considered illegal. This is at least to the best of my knowledge but you can have colored films on the lenses. Stupid rule if you ask me but thats just my 2 cents.
You guys are prolly right. I could never make sense why you couldnt change them. My friend told me that, not good enought source for information. I agree with axel thou, spend the little more and just buy one, because if you mess it up it will look worse and you wasted your money on a can of paint :wink:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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