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Passenger Backrest For Volusia

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My wife is starting to get interested in riding. I thought I try to make the back seat a bit more comfortable for her by adding a backrest. Looking on the Suzuki OEM page, I found a backrest and mount set #99950-70272 for $214.95 which is 12 in. tall. I also saw the Billet Backrest Tall (99950-70390) for 199.95 and the Billet Backrest Low (99950-70391) for the same price. It was interesting that the low backrest is advertised as being 12 5/8 inches tall from the rear bolt and the tall is 12.0 inches tall. I guess there is a mistake somewhere. I would also have to buy the mounting hardware with the Billet Backrests ad would like to add a rack to the backrest.

My questions; does anyone on this forum have one of the above backrests on their bikes and how do you like it? This is probably going to involve the fender bolt removal. Will I run into a problem with realigning the bolts after they are removed? Thanks for your replies.
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I prefer the looks of the low backrest. Yes, you will need to remove the fender bolts. If you have never done it, it can be a *****. Here is what you need to do. Take the front right one out first without touching the others. Put the bolt through the mounting bracket and into the fender and get it started. If it does not start, ie if the fender has shifted, then go ahead and remove ALL the bolts. Now with all the bolts removed, start the front right. You may need to grab the back of the rear fender with your left hand and move it around to lign up the hole. Good Luck!

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