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Picked up bike last night!

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Hello everyone

I am new to the forum and picked up my new 2003 GSXR600 (blue/white) last night. Looking forward to learning from all you veterans. I picked it up for $ or no?

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wolph69 said:
I have the same bike. bought mine last year. does it have any mods done to it? exhaust, frame sliders, anything like that?
no nothing yet...i was looking at getting a K&N....any mod suggestions as far as name of brand?

Here is a pic I took tonight
YS XX said:
Super bike! Done much riding??

Welcome to the forum :)
Yeah got home from work yesterday and did about 3 hours worth of riding around and getting use to the bike.
87gsxrnut said:
Do yourself a favor, leave the bike stock, and invest your money in some good leathers, helmets, tires, some instruction and track days.

Worry about mods later. You will get more respect for riding skills than looks.

- Nut
yeah I planned on leaving it pretty much they way it is till I get use to the bike itself. I have a decent helmet, jacket, and leather gloves. I did order a K&N for it. Do the K&N's work well with Suzuki or should I just send it back?? The only reason I ask is because I read come places that it does more bad then good. Also do you have any suggestions on a filter and oil for my first service? Thanks
98corona said:
Nice bike, what kind of mods are you looking for style or performance?
Not quite sure at this moment. It looks sweet, but I am up for anything that will set it apart from other GSXR's. I mean its fast as hell right now, but i would not mind getting an exhaust down the road. I am just tentative on getting one because i want a deeper sound instead of a higher pitch that some bikes have.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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