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Picking up a bike.

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Just an awful topic. I've had my bike for 2 months and fortunately haven't yet dumped it. Although, everyone assures me that my time is coming. I've been told that you should face the bike as well as face away from the bike. There's got to be a "best" method.
Would appreciate some input.
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Yeah,,, check out that link to that thread,, I have the "Ride like a Pro III" video and it shows how to pick up a big cruiser,, already used that technique,, my bike has personality now.

Of course there was this dork in Florida this weekend who had a CBR600 and was showing everyone how to pick the bike up and using the kick stand rotate the bike around on it in a parking spot so he could make a quick get away.

Not to be mean,, but I sure wanted to see him drop that bike on its side,, some feat of strength thing I guess???
Many,, many,,many,,scratches to your wallet!!!!

Pinhy said:
i hope i never have to worry about having to pick my bike up....dont want to see what kinda damage happens to it when i do
I would have to say the most damage done is the damage to the wallet,, if you are like me and really like the nice, shiny, new looking bike,, then after it's dropped and scratched,, then the local dealer has you for several hundred dollars or more,,,I know that for sure. :twisted:

He has gotten $300.00 or so dollars from me thus far,, plus the loss of my favorite pair of jeans,, holes in the knees aren't on the high fashion scene this year,,and ya just can't make a decent pair of shorts out of them and not be labeled ******* around here. :mrgreen:
Trust me,,, screwing up your back is the WORST thing you could ever do. I used to laugh and make comments about people not taking them seriously when they said they had back problems,, not being rude or mean,, just never understood the "back problem" issues they had.

But after July of 2003 when I was hit head-on going 75 and the other going 80 on the interstate,, I now know what it is like to have back issues. $80,000 of therapy, $31,000 of medical visits,xrays,MRI's, and $15,000 of medicine,, I now understand exactly what they are complaining about.

Take heed Daniel Son,, protect that back at all costs,, because it is no fun riding a bike with back pain,, and there are alot of things you will miss doing when you can no longer do them.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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