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Has anyone had this problem. All my pictures are too big to post. Is there a way to make them fit. Or a trick I need to know about. What am I missing??? :roll:
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You can resize them in Paint too, if you don't have Photo Shop.
I can get a picture to post as a link, but not the picture itself in the thread. I'm PC Calllenged and it's ARGGHHHH! Can't seem to get the Image thing to work.

You don't have to reduce them to avatar size. the software willl allow you to download a larger version, just not the original size.

HELP! We need a PC Guru! Anyone?
Open new thread or reply.
Click on Enhanced mode.
Scroll to Manage Attachments and click.
Click browse to find picture on your PC.
Once found click upload.
Close window.
Then click submit.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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