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Please help! Clutch noise??

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Hello everyone, I have a 98 RM250. I have an internal vibration/rattling noise when the clutch is disengaged and the noise goes away when I pull in the clutch. I recently replaced the clutch/springs and the noise is still there. My basket had little grooves in it from the plates and I filed. Could the clutch plates be too loose in the basket grooves and its causing the plates to vibrate a little? Is there another explanation? Please help, This noise is not welcome. :roll:

Thanks :)
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Thanks Dave2122, I was thinking along the same lines but didn't want to invest in something pretty pricey if that wasn't the problem. My little roller bearings looked good, I already installed new plates and springs, the basket was my next best guess to the problem. Looks like a new OEM basket runs about $170.00. Do you know of anywhere a little cheaper?

Thanks :cheers:
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