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Please help identify my bike

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I bought this on ebay, and was told it is a GS650. But I don't think it is. Maybe it is, I just don't know. It is on an E reg. There is no V5 as yet, I did however buy it from a business and have a receipt, so everything is fairly safe. Please could you tell me what you think it is. It is missing some fairing. I haven't even checked the VIN or engine spec as it was too dark when I got it home. I will tomorrow however, and will post it.
Pic 1 -
Pic 2 -
Cheers everyone,
James, from Wells-Next-the-Sea
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Man I really don't know.....I'm not too good with older bikes. For some reason it looks like an older Ninja....but I'm not sure again.......

You can definately figure it out with the VIN though.
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