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Please Help me with my gixxer

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Hello, first post here.

I recently purchased a 93 750 GSX-R, but now it's having some problem i can't figure out.

i had only drove it for about 20 km when it died out.
When riding it, i noticed it started losing power and wasn't very willing rev, and one minute after that, it dies out.

I was furious and took it to the mechanic from whom i bought it. This was during the night, so he said he would look at it the following morning.

Then he called me, asking me if i was the one having the problem, because the bike ran just fine, even on the dyno.

I was pleased of course, and took it back and it ran just fine for another 100 km or so. Then today it started the same thing again.
It started not to rev so well, and then died out.

If i wait a few hours and try to start it, it will run, but wont rev and will die out again. And it seems if i wait a few days, it will start and run fine for some hours maybe.

Well, it will rev a bit, but slowly and unstable. Have only tried up to 5k.

I have tried changing the plugs with no avail.
I have also checked the 2 coal pieces wich seemed to be in good shape.

I am completely lost here, and mostly furious because i just recently purchased it for A LOT of money.

Do you guys know a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the reply... Been waiting anxiously for an answer :)

God i hope it's a simple problem like that.

I'm a bit of a newbie in this bike class, only used to 2 strokes, but if it's a fuel line or carb problem, wouldn't it then be a consistent problem.

Or maybe ask i another way... If it was an electrical problem, would it work sometimes, then not work, and then work again, as the bike does now?
I have checked the battery. Well, didn't check it exactly, but it has lots of power. Used the start button to get it home hehe.

I have seen no exposing wires.
could anyone be so nice as to just rant all of the possibileties that could be causing this problem? and then i will investigate every one of them.

It's just so depressing, because i recently bought that bike for about 11.000 us dollars. Yes, the bikes are a lot, and i mean A LOT more expensive her than, say, america.
Getting a munual takes 3 to 4 weaks, so i don't think i'm over my head, trying to repair it before that. And yes, i have ordered it.


Could be anything from electrical to fuel. IS YOUR TANK ON NORMAL OR RESERVE?!?!?!?!? I have seen that problem before where a rider will not be able to ride the bike because it wasn't able to start, and all it needed was GAS.
I don't need gas, just bought plenty of it yesterday.

Also, using the start button to get somewhere is a great way to overheat your starter and electrical system. It might not cause problems now, but could in the future. Not very smart at all.
Yes, i am fully aware of that, and i know what it can take.

How many volts does the battery have?
I don't have anything to measure it with, but it's new, and seems to be just as good as the old one. The problem has been there with both batteries

How many volts is the alternator feeding to it when running?
Don't know

When was the last time the carbs were cleaned?
Don't know, i just bought it. And i can't call up the guy asking him about it.

Did you check the vacuum lines from the tank to the carbs?
No. I figure if the line is clogged, it will stay that way, and not get clogged on ocations, and work fine other times.

How about the CDI box? DO YOU GET SPARK?!?!?!?
To tell you the truth, i haven't been able to check that, Whenever i want to, the bike starts, but wont rev and runs strangely. So obviously the spark is there, but i have not been able to check it while the bike could not start.

Are the plugs fouled, or have they been flooded recently?

How old is the gas in the tank?
Brand new.

Are your handlebar/sidestand kill switches sticking?

Is the airbox blocked?
If it was blocked, it would stay that way, and not on and off.

How old is the air filter?
Don't know.

Does that bike have a fuel pump (I don't think it does). If it does, are the lines hooked up correctly? Is your ground wire loose?
It doesn't to my knowledge.

Depression and desparation do not solve problems. LEARN YOUR BIKE INSIDE AND OUT. DON'T BE SQUIDLY AND GET A MANUAL.
Isn't that what i'm doing right now, while waiting for a manual?
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Thank you for the replies, and sorry 87gsxrnut if i came off as rude in my last post. It was not my intent, just had a bad day :)

ElBandito, i tried taking of the, you know, the thing that the gas line is mounted on under the tank, i don't know the english word for it.
But as i was taking it of, i noticed that there was vacuum in the tank. I then tried blowing through the breather line, assumint that it's the one on top of the tank, and was able to blow through it, but not very easily.
Is it normal to have a little bit of vacuum, or none at all?
I haven't tried with the filler cap off yet. I have to assemble the bike first. but i will give you info on that.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem, but one day, when the bike would not rev and acted strangely, i thought there might be some dirt in the tank or carps, so i tried standing it up, shaking it as good as i could, and it worked fine after that.

Again, thank you for the help. It helps me narrow down the problem since i'm not an experienced mechanic.
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It was the breather line :)

The valve was acting strangle, and only needed to be loosened a bit.

Thank you all for your help.
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