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Please help

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I have a 99 suzuki marauder vz800. Bike ran fine last time I rode then died out started again ran then it wont start back up. I've replaced the starter, rectifier, stator, starter solenoid, spark plugs/ wire coil packs. I've made sure that the motors not locked by hand. With everything done all I'm getting is the starter cranking the motor over one time then nothing like the motors locked. But it's not. What do I do?
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How sad this story IS......but also very common.

Guessing at what is wrong and wasting money on expensive parts often is just silly.

You need to TEST things as much as possible to find out what the problem really IS.

My guess would be a battery problem. Either a failed battery or a loose main battery connection.
Both of those things are fairly easy to test.

Next, I would take the plugs OUT and spin the engine with the starter to be sure it turns freely with no compression.
Gotcha will do after I get off. I'll msg back the update once done so. It'll be around 6 or 7 tonight. Appreciate it buddy
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