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Plus's to boots?

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I was just curious what peoples takes are on boots when riding dirtbike. I dont race or anything and was just wondering if people think its a must or not. I usually just wear some old sneaks, but wear a chest protector, helmet goggles, and usually jeans. Anyway, the terrain I ride is mostly gravel roads, ditches, fields and the ocassional gravel pit... Whatd ya think? boots?
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boots are an absolute must when riding a dirtbike.
i ride with gaerne sg-10's and i love them. they are some of the best boots on the market, and ive heard many people that have ridden extensively with both say that they like the sg-10's over the tech-10's or tech-8's. i was just puttin around my yard one day on an rt-100 and i took a real easy light fall in the woods. i ended up breaking my tibia and fibia and i was in a cast for 3+ mos. at the time of the accident, i was wearing work boots.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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