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I learned that you should be carefull of what you keep in what pocket.

While getting off my bike yesterday, I was distracted for a fraction of a second, with the result that I caught my foot on the seat and did a nose plant.

No big deal in itself but I felt a stabbing pain as I hit the ground, upon inspection it was just a pen I had in my chest pocket, it dug right in to my chest, even broke the skin.

Can you imagine the harm it could of done in a highspeed get off ? So from now on I'm going to be carefull of what I put in each pocket. Pointy things such as pens/keys/tools or whatever are preferably going in the saddlebags.
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"Handgun positioning is worthy of some thought. Inside front waistband will keep it from showing when leaned forward...."

Not to mention having the potential of giving you a sex change in the event of an AD. :?
HK P7, AD is highly unlikely(squeeze cocker). Also, holster shields the trigger from unintentional manipulation. Further, muzzle position when carried is low enough to be a danger to my thigh, but not THOSE.
HK maybe... but not my Colt 1991-A1 (winter wear) or Colt Mustang .380 (summer wear)... :lol: Actually they have always been very reliable with the safeties, but it (1991-A1) is a little too large for a frontal waistband carry. Bianchi on the right hip. :)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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