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pop a wheelie

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i just wanna know how people pull wheelie....i mean does your bike have to be full tuned to pop a wheelie on full mate give his bike full throttle and it pops a wheelie...its amazing... he just goes from no throttle to full throttle and it pull the front wheel up nice and do i do that? spark plug is always black...but dry...never runs fine that normal?
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i was wondering this, layinlo would be the man to ask!! i can power the front end up but i was wondering how you clutch it up?
i told ya he would be the one to ask, layinlo what did you learn em on? i would like to learn but only have access to my gsxr600
i was planning on getting a set of scuffed farrings for track days, and i have crash mushrooms to protect the vitals. i have watched a lot of the adrenaline crew etc and the gixer seems to be a popular choice of bike to stunt on, and it aperas you do the same, so what sort of revs u reccomend trying?
yea i gotta get the scuffed ones first, the front wheel often comes up if u open her up in first but they arent controlled i wanna be able to pop her staright up in a controlled way, i shall give it a go next time the roads are dry keeping an eye on the revs and probably pm you with the info, cheers
chad i would like to see also
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