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pop a wheelie

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i just wanna know how people pull wheelie....i mean does your bike have to be full tuned to pop a wheelie on full mate give his bike full throttle and it pops a wheelie...its amazing... he just goes from no throttle to full throttle and it pull the front wheel up nice and do i do that? spark plug is always black...but dry...never runs fine that normal?
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I "learned" how to wheelie on my gsxr1000, it's a 2002, easiest bike in the world to wheelie, not the best bike to learn on but too late now. I just never bothered to try before, clutch is not needed, not even in third with the 1000. I have a friend that can wheelie a 250 ninja, and if that oversized son of a gun can wheelie that bike, anything can be wheelied. I''ve got some great footage of another friend of mine stunting his cbr900rr if some one wants to see, I'll try E-mailing it.
guys, I just had a majour problem with my comp, I'm not good with them and had to reinstall everything, so now everything I had is now long gone. I'm really sorry and it really pisses me off, trust me. I'll see if I can get some more vid footage of my buddy. The kind of stuff I'm talking about is no handed wheelies standing up or sitting down, the guy is truly amazing, I will try to get more footage.
that I can find out, but it depends on what bike you're talking about.give this guy 5 minuites with any bike and he'll be able to make it do whatever he wants. There is one guy that I've seen where the rear sprocket was a 68 tooth. Looks like a damn pie plate.
ok guys, I hijacked a bunch of pics from another site, and I grabbed a link for a couple of trailers. you will just have to copy and paste, let me know if it doesn't work, I'll try to figure something out.
I'm still trying to get another trailer that I like
some of those guys are friends of mine, the guy on the red 900 in the very begining is one of north americas finest
he's pretty much unatainable, I'm not to sure what team he's riding with but he's good enough that they almost line up for him. There is a team in Vancouver, I can't remember the correct way they spell it, but it's Xtream riderz I think.
I have the link to the site that all my buddies run and are the film guys along with the riderz. hope it works
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