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Power Commander III Necessity, or…Not?

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Ok, here is my question, will I benefit from installing a Power Commander 3 USB on my bike, or not? I have a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the only modifications I currently have done to the bike is a K & N air filter, and a Yoshi TRS tri-oval bolt on can. I can purchase the power commander for cost, this is the only reason I am even considering it. But…if I am not going to benefit from the modification, then I don’t see it being a practical move. Although maybe sometime down the line, I am considering a new header and mid-pipe for the bike. Thoughts, views, suggestions, all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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If it's a slip on only, chances of hurting your bike without a PC are pretty slim. Yes, you'll get better performance from having one and having your bike tuned by someone who knows what they are doing.

Not to start a debate just trying to help save some money. :)
From the 2Bros website:
My bike is fuel injected, do I need to make any adjustments or chip changes?

Generally fuel injected bikes automatically compensate for exhaust and engine related modifications very well. Unless you are building a Superbike motor with over 30% horsepower increases, your stock FI system should work just fine with your new exhaust system and you will reap the benefits immediately. We have however found that with the addition of a Power Commander and a proper map, the ride-ability of the bike will improve greatly over that of the stock bike and there can be additional performance gains to be had. We carry Dynojet Power Commanders for most fuel injected bikes and we can also furnish it with a map just for your machine and our pipe.

And from PowerCommanders sales brochure:

Does the Power Commander interfere with the bikes ability to compensate for atmospheric conditions?

The Fuel Injection Systems found on today’s bikes do a good job of adjusting fuel for atmospheric conditions (air temperature, altitude, etc). The Power Commander does not interfere with this and the automatic compensation remains in effect.
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