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Power Commander III Necessity, or…Not?

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Ok, here is my question, will I benefit from installing a Power Commander 3 USB on my bike, or not? I have a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the only modifications I currently have done to the bike is a K & N air filter, and a Yoshi TRS tri-oval bolt on can. I can purchase the power commander for cost, this is the only reason I am even considering it. But…if I am not going to benefit from the modification, then I don’t see it being a practical move. Although maybe sometime down the line, I am considering a new header and mid-pipe for the bike. Thoughts, views, suggestions, all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Inspiron: minus shipping to A COMPLETELY SEPARATE CONTINENT, I know where you can get one for about $240.
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