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Power Commander...worth a few hundred bucks?

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Any opinions on the power commanders? Do any of you SV owners have one on your bike? If so, how dow you like it? If...IF you don't mind me asking of course. Thanks.
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Have you made any changes to the exhaust system? Adding a PC won't have much effect if you are still using the stock exhaust. If you replace the headers and exhaust (or just replace the can), you may *need* a PC to give you optimal performance.
It's not about new shocks - it's about dialing the suspension settings so that the bike offers optimal performance - keeping the rubber on the road and improving stability in all positions (straight ahead, diving into curves, accelerating out of curves, etc.)
Mike, there's a post around here from 87gsxrnut explaining how to setup your suspension. When you pick up the bike, they probably left the factory settings, which are set for a smooth ride for a small japenese person. If you are a bit bigger and heavier, you should adjust the suspension asap. When it's setup right, you'll notice - it'll make you feel more confident, since it will keep the rubber in contact with the road as long as you don't try to violate the laws of physics.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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