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In about a week I will be purchasing a new bike. I am strongly considering the sv650s. What I would like to know it where to practice with it? I have an 80' Suzuki 550, but I am sure the sv650s is a different beast all together.
Secondly, would this bike be comfortable for short half hour to hour commutes?
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The sv650 is a good bike for a next step, as you will not outgrow it in one season like you would anything smaller.

As for places to get used to its handling, check out the local high school or collage on a Sunday afternoon. Cruise slowly around the parking lot until you get the feel for the bike, and then have a little fun around the light poles, etc. Once you feel comfortable, there is little traffic in residential areas on Sunday. Or go to the local mall after they close and have a little fun in their huge parking lot. Don't drive crazy or do burnouts, and they won't mind a bit.
I am currently employed at a local university, and every Sunday a group of folks set up cones in the parking lot and practice riding. They behave, so we pretend we don't see them.
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