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Problems with Dealer Service

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Hello all,
I bought a 2005 C50 on 2/10/05... asked dealer about 600 mile service and was told that they would have to keep the bike about 2 weeks befor they have opening .. here you are screwed... they have your bike, you cant ride, paying for insurance,finance charges ect....I think this is qualify for warranty you have to comply..Have any of you been in this situation?...if so what did you do?
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Take it to another authorized Suzuki service center, be that an independent shop, another dealer, whatever. In fact according to federal law and the laws in most states if you perform the service yourself, keep a log and all the reciepts for fluids, parts, etc the manufacturer legally must recognize you as meeting the service requirements for the vehicle.

There is no magic that makes a dealer's shop special, its a shop just like any other. There are good ones and there are bad ones. Any shop that needs to keep your bike for two weeks to do basic scheduled maintenance is likely horribly mismanged and you probably don't want them doing the work anyway. The dealer should earn your return business whether that is for maintenance, repairs, accessories or another bike. If they don't meet your needs tell them that so they have the chance, however slim, to improve and find someone that will.
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I forgot to mention that if your heart is set on getting your bike serviced at the dealer you purchased from there is a small chance the salesguy who sold you the bike could get you in there quicker if you mentioned to him how sucky this immediate post-sale experience is. He may be interested in keeping you as a customer. However my reservation about using the possibly understaffed poorly managed shop would still apply.
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