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problems with Suzukis

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My brother and I both have Suzuki bikes, mine is a 96 650 Savage w/ 8000 miles and his is a new 04 800 Intruder vtwin. Both of us are having problems with our bikes.

Mine: She will ride for maybe 100 miles and then shut off. She will sputter and diesel before she does while I roll around on the throttle but she then cuts out and will not restart for maybe an hour and then repeats the process maybe 5 minutes into the ride. She is doing this constantly now when it used to be only on rides over 30 minutes. I think it has something to do with the ignition system, had the spark plug replaced, and the rest of the system checked, but to no avail. Dealer was supposed to fix this :x

My brothers: the lights dim and the bike sputters. He took it to 3 different dealers and each time they "fixed" it nothing happened. They claim it is the battery (should be obviously) and test it. Nothing out of the ordinary. They clean and tighten the cables and say it's "fixed."
On a sidenote the fork seals broke three times in a row, 2 times within 5 minutes. Dealers now refuse to replace the seals. Yes, this is a brand new bike.

we're having absolutely terrible luck with suzuki (they called one of the dealers and chewed them out, thanks for that one :D) but the problems still aren't fixed. This is from 3 different shops. I'd love to have a GSX750 for my next bike, but at this point, a running yamaha R6 would be nicer...

If you can input anything at all about what may be wrong with these bikes, I'd appreciate it cause it looks like at this point we're on our own. Suggestions more than welcome
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I do see the humor. I must say, you're taking it well. ;-)

What do you mean by "built" the Mitsu motor?
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