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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem concerning the swingarm and sprocket carrier on my
1995 Suzuki GSX600F.
It looks like the bolts holding the sprocket carrier has been rubbing
into the Swingarm and there are slight marks on the inside (against
the Wheel) of the swingarm showing where the bolts have passed.
I've replaced both wheels on my bike and the service repair shop that
did this checked that everything was ok inside the rear wheel (cush
Both Wheels are aligned properly and adjusting on the rear wheel wont
help, the clearance between the sprocket carrier bolts and the
swingarm is less than 1 mm i think. I've heard that the clearance
between the bolts and the swingarm is supposed to be quite small on my
type of bike (between 1mm and 2mm).
The clearance is so small between the swingarm and the bolts that i cant fit a singel a4 paper between them. Amazingly enough the wheel does not lag when turned whether the motorcycle is on the centerstand or i am on it.
The bolts pass with no visible clearance but no lagging if you know what i mean ?
I've had the bike to the repair shop and they could'nt figure it out, but they told me it would be ok to ride it further as the bolts didnt lag.
I've heard about shims that can be put between the carrier and the
swingarm and i'm wondering where i can buy these also ????

I'm grateful for all answers :)

Best regards
TS, Norway
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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