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Hi there. Just installed a Suzuki windshield on my Volusia and found it really uncomfortable. There were vibrations due to wind all over my head. I stopped twice to throw up. My head was going all over the place. I felt like in a washing machine. The mechanic told me I have to find the right angle. Please help. I feel cheated. Is there anyone out there with the same problem? How can you help?
Thanks in advance.
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Had similar problem with mine. Shield creates very comfortable dead spots and unbelievable turbulence in other spots. You have to find where the comfort spot is to be able to ajust the shield properly. Try moving your head up and down while riding to see where the comfort zone is. Try feeling with your left hand where the wind is coming from.

How are you seated in relation to the shield ? are you tall ? Personnaly I'm 6'2" and my shield was in the lowest position and my eyes ended up about a foot over the shield but when I would scrunch down to about 4 inches above the shield everything would be perfectly calm.

A lot of wind also comes from under the shield and the up and over the tank ( check with you hand when riding ) I'm told that a pair of lower fork shields can help with this source of wind.
Your eyes should be slightly above the shield, otherwise if it gets dirty you will have problems seeing where you're going. Most shops can cut them dowm a tad for a reasonable fee.
Had that problem too, since I went full face problem solved.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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