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I picked up a pair last night. Changed from jeans to these and rode home in these over just underwear. Here are my impressions so far:

Far lighter and cooler than jeans. The XL fits me perfectly. The pockets zip, preventing your DL and cash from making an escape. Far more comfortable than jeans.

The armor, if you can call it that, seems like it would shred like tissue paper in the event of an unanticipated departure from the bike. However, I have read reviews written by people who have actually crashed the stuff and apparently it works pretty well, with multiple claims of crashes at 70 mph and up with no serious injury.

I'm impressed enough that I'm going to order the jacket that goes with it. I know it isn't leather level protection, but apparently it's a good deal more protective than denim and certainly a step up from bare skin.

The mesh phoenix gear you wear in the heat is certainly more protective than the onepiece leathers hanging in the closet because it is too hot.

I picked up a phoenix jacket for my gf. (They had a jacket that fit her, and pants that fit me, but no pants for her or jacket for me, so I'm ordering that off the internet)


you can go to and look at them and get some specifications on them i like the atomic jeans. they look liek you could wear them for other things besides riding.
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