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I have a question about my recently purchased '86 GSX-R750, and I am hoping that one of you might know the answer. I need to replace all of the clutch components (primary drive, plates, etc. ) I found some of these parts used (though in good condition) off of an '87 GSX-R1100. I am not sure, though, if they would work in my 750. If anyone has an educated answer it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Nope, won't work. There are more plates/steels (10 or 11) on the 1100, and also more splines. I think the 750 has either 7 or 8 plates.

BTW: I just bought a NEW 1100 clutch from a guy because he made that exact mistake.

Using used clutch fibres isn't all that great of an idea anyway. Normally, you can mic the steels for serviceability, or visually look to see if they are burned.

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