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Question about Drive chain and having to frequently adjust..

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Hi all, I have a question...I have a 1999 katana 600 (gsx600) and the chain seems to be needing adjustments even under 300 miles...I commute to let say 60 miles a day....back and fourth. I had just gotten my chain and sprocket replace less than a year ago....Does it sound like my bike needs a new sprocket, again? Does anyone else have this problem...?
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lube lube lube, every 1000 km, do not over tighten. what procedure are you useing to tighten the chain, or are you having it done.
it does seem really strange that you would have that much ctretch in so few miles. Do you notice if the axle moves forward on you, either something is moving or the chain is having problems. How much play is in the chain, how much up and down movement, when you are off the bike. There should really be about 30 milimeters. Other than that, your chain will go really tight when you sit on it, causing it to wear excesivly.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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