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Hi, i had a question on Lock set (Tank, Ignition, Seat) for 97 VZ800 Marauder

Some thieves stole my SV650s and tried to steal my Marauder too but they must have ran out of time or something.
In the process they hacked into my ignition line and stole the switch as well as stole the seat lock, however the tank lock is fine, so at minimum I need a new ignition switch and seat lock.

Do you know if the seat lock and tank lock are exactly matched to the ignition switch or are they set up that any VZ800 ignition key should work on the seat and tank?
I have seen some bikes in the past that had a dedicated ignition key specific to the bike, but any other ignition key from the same bike would work on others seats and tanks.

I've been looking for a matching set , I really only need the ignition switch and the seat lock, but I was hoping I didn't have to carry 2 or 3 keys.

Its a real pain trying to find the set in reasonable condition or at a reasonable price so I may leave the tank and just do the seat lock and ignition switch, I just hate having multiple keys... I can't even find the set for this bike on AliExpress... they have full sets for the sport bikes, just not the Marauder.

If you know of a link to a place selling the full set that would be great too, after losing my job due to this Covid-19 thing, I'm just trying to avoid having to pay $300 for OEM parts.

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