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Quick brakes question

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Greetings. Is changing rear pads the same process as changing pads on a car? Do I need to bleed the line afterwards?
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bleeding brakes

I know there is a right way and a wrong way to force the caliper pistons back into the caliper body. Usually we just apply pressure to piston and force it back into the body. Of course this pushes the fluid back thru the system. Nut does it better by opening the bleeder screw and letting the fluid out of the caliper body. If you will take a battery vent tube(comes with every battery you buy off the shelf) or a small plastic hose and put on the bleed screw you can catch the fluid that is forced out thru the bleeder and avoid a major mess. Be sure to top off your brake fluid after this. I have thought about converting to silicone based fluid to get away from the corrosive effect of standard brake fluid. I figure in the long haul silicone based fluid may not cause the calipers pistonst to seize from corrosion when the bike is left sitting for long periods as in storage. Since this requires a complete flushing of the brake system it is not feasible when working with several different machines in a shop situation. Besides, the customer might not want to pay for the extra work if it doesn't really seem neccessary :)
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