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I was communicating with a company called Busters Motorcycle Accessories in South Wales near London England about getting a Raask exhaust for my '86 Savage. They told me that even with the baffles in place they are not legal on the street in Europe. I found it odd that they would stock and supply a product illegal to use. They are the distributor for Raask in England. We are planning a trip to England in April so I think I would check it out. The price was 145 British pounds which is about $325 Canadian. The US distributor Omarcafe has them for $500US. Much more money. Busters did agree that the Raask 1 piece unit is very handsome and long lasting. Just thought you might like to know.
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They are probably sold under the "for track use only" caveat, thus they are illegal for street use. I wonder what makes them illegal? Most likely the noise levels.

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