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Racin the Rain

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Today was to be an all day ride. Instead I was racing a rain storm to get some ride time. Started out fine, just cool. Ran around the local mountains, out to The Rock Store. Not many bikes today due to the weather. Us LA riders are wussies when it gets cool and damp!

Did see a big Croc! Shot some nice twisties out to the coast highway. The surfers were out as always. Headed north up the coast and saw the storm front. Rerouted inland through more twisties.

Stopped at Cycle Gear for new headlight bulbs and ran into my wife and her family?Christmas shopping for some motorcycle addict they know, can't wait for Christmas! Flew home and parked in the garage just as the storm let loose! Don't know what I was worried about, hell I even bought new rain gear last night! Didn't even reach 400 miles today, I'm slackin!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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