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Rear Break Lever adjustment

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Hey guys I have a 2000 gsxr 600, the rear break lever seems a little high imo. When my foot is on the peg i have to tilt my foot up at probably 15-20 degree angle to be even with the brake. So when i use the back brake i normally lift my entire foot up and just push down untill my foot reaches the peg. I would like the pedel to be slightly below the peg around neg 10-15 degrees so when i am riding i have to slightly angle my foot before i reach the pedel. I am not sure how to adjust the pedel to this disired height, i know they are to adjustment screws on the brake cyclinder them selfs but not sure if that is for just moving the pedel or actually adjusting the amount of pressure my brake applys. Do I need to actually remove the pedel and move it down some how? Well any help would be appreciated. The attachment is a picture of about what i would like my pedel to look like, although it doesnt atm.
Thanks in advance
Ps thats exactly what my bike looks like minus the chrome rims, but same year and cc bike, so any remarks on how to fix this problem can be directed at components on that bike will help.
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If you broke the lever, then shouldn't it be replaced?

- Nut
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