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recommendations for covers/locks?

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I'm going to purchase a GS500F this weekend, and I'll have to park it on the street during the riding months. There are 2 other motorcycles out there I've seen parked daily for the past couple months as well, so I'm not too concerned about someone lifting it into their truck and running, but Murphy's Law and all..

so, what I'm looking for more I guess is what kind of lock do you feel performs best, is easy to transport (I'm not sure if the GS500F has any place to store cargo, much less the size of it), works well with a motorcycle cover, etc.

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Just a word of warning ... I have a disk-lock (it locks on the disk like a clamp and prevents the bike from being ridden or rolled away). It works ... too good.

If you are ever in a hurry and forget to take the lock off ... ouch. I did this once (with my Honda 125) - the bike went down before I could react. Luckliy, all that happened was some scratches on the engine cover and a bent front brake handle. It cost me about $400 (I got $400 less when I traded the bike in because of this 'damage').

What really pi$$ed me off was that I alone was to blame - I was getting on the bike to drive back to the office after visiting a customer and was thinking about work instead of about my bike.

Other models have a cable that connects to the brake or clutch handle - so that you see that there is something in the way when you approach the bike from the rear and get on the bike.

Just my 2 cents worth ...
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