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renthal bars?

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yea im sorry im yet still retarded and have only been riding for a month. but i hear renthal bars and grips ... what makes them better or whatever ?
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well i`m intersted power other ways.

any secrets other than this stuff?

Over sized piston- Larger
Titanium or satinless valves-
titanium retainers
port polish-
Possibly turbo
N20- Nitrous oxide shot.
OH OH OH Something free dave!!! What i did yesterday was hollowed out my spark arrestor = "legal look" Nice noise and free flowing Exahust.
It was a pain in the arsszor. everyhting was already rusty so i went in there with pliers, hammer, air chizzel. I cut the top off with a die grinder. and started cutting away at the stuff inside. If its too loud, i`ll go get a mullfer type thing anf stick it on.
Thats not off my SP125 but you get the idea. After yuo`re done, weld it back on and patch up any holes you may have made.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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