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Repacking Exhaust Can

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Alrighty then. Its time to repack the ol' D&D. I pulled it apart and could have used the packing that was wrapped around the core for drywall. That stuff was rock hard... not much sound absorption there.

I have the core all cleaned up and wrapped with new material. Here's my question:

The core is tightly wrapped, leaving plenty of space once its placed in the housing. Should I loosely wrap another layer of material to take up space within the housing?
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All the instructions on various manufacturers' websites, packing material packaging, and how-to write-ups on the web state that the layer around the perforated tube should be tightly wrapped. That's not to say that you wrap round and round with tape because that would make it air tight and useless.

I'm just wondering what to do with the extra space inside the can once the pieces have been assembled.

If worse comes to worst, I'll just assemble it one way, run it for a little while, and take it apart to assemble it another way.

I assembled the the can with a single wrap of packing material. The bike has a much deeper sound to it, and I can hear MUCH more wind noise than before I repacked it.

I guess this means I will have to install a louder horn. My exhaust can just doesn't have the effect it had before.
I may have inadvertantly removed the D&D characteristics when I repacked it. The original packing had tape wrapped ALL around it, with very little area for gases and air to pass through. When I repacked it, I used a minimal amount of tape thus allowing gases and air to pass through it more freely.

I'm not an acoustic engineer, so I couldn't explain the difference scientifically. It just sounds deeper.

And its still obnoxious. That's the best part. Just ride ahead of me to avert any aural trauma from me...
Gixxerdale said:
Watch yourself in the Santa Monica Mountains. The locals there with the big $$ have the LEO's on a noise crackdown right now.

That's good to know. The last group of guys I rode with accused me of trolling.

That brings up a question: are loud exhausts considered probable cause?
I answered my own question: yes.
It just means that I don't have to commit any other type of violation in this state to be detained by a law enforcement officer (park ranger, CHP, local police) and receive a citation. Sure, they have to be trained and have the proper decibel measuring equipment for the citation to hold water, blah-blah-blah yakkity schmackity... On the other hand, I could receive a citation under assumption of an infraction and have to plead my case in court. Both ways really suck.

Its SO-O-O much easier to take the ten minutes and bolt on my OEM can if I want to hit some CHP-laden canyons.
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