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Repacking Exhaust Can

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Alrighty then. Its time to repack the ol' D&D. I pulled it apart and could have used the packing that was wrapped around the core for drywall. That stuff was rock hard... not much sound absorption there.

I have the core all cleaned up and wrapped with new material. Here's my question:

The core is tightly wrapped, leaving plenty of space once its placed in the housing. Should I loosely wrap another layer of material to take up space within the housing?
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Since I'm new to this project, I'll ask why you wrapped it tightly. I'd think the more airspace the better for a given quantity of material.
Umm, most aftermarket exhausts ARE banned. It's called "for off road use only". Are you suggesting that we need more government babysitting?
Probable cause for what? For noise pollution? Sure. For pot? No.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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