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replacement of sprockets???

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I was wonderin what happen when you change the sprockets on the bike??? Is it for torque??? More Acc.????More Power in general??? Would i change just teh front or just rear or maybe both??? if anybody knows please help??? i have a 88 rm250
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People change the sprockets generally when the chain is replaced there are a number of reasons for doing this, if it is a service thing then replace all otherwise it depends on how old the chain and sprockets are.

It has nothing to do with power or torque advantages, you replace them because they are worn.

It is recommended that chain and both sprockets are replaced all together so that they all 'wear' in at the same rate will fit together better, the chain will stretch slightly and the teeth in the sprockets bend a minute fraction but all at the same rate so they fit well. Putting a new chain on old sprockets never works as well because it has not been worn in around them.

Sorry having a 'mare today trying to explain anything :| ....................anyone else care to take up where i've missed stuff out?
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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