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replacement of sprockets???

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I was wonderin what happen when you change the sprockets on the bike??? Is it for torque??? More Acc.????More Power in general??? Would i change just teh front or just rear or maybe both??? if anybody knows please help??? i have a 88 rm250
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You always have to consider "why do you need more top end ?"
You are geared "best" if tou reach top speed in top gear at the end of the fastest section of the track.
That's competing of course, if you want to go from east to west coast on your RM, consider the " mileage" gearing, biggest front sprocket smallest rear.

As for power/torque, you don't gain "yiksjit", consider sprocketstuff just for what it is, -gearing-, like when in first gear, acceleration is quick, 5th=slower but higher speed.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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