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replacement of sprockets???

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I was wonderin what happen when you change the sprockets on the bike??? Is it for torque??? More Acc.????More Power in general??? Would i change just teh front or just rear or maybe both??? if anybody knows please help??? i have a 88 rm250
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I've been looking at changing the front sprocket on my Marauder. The folks on the Marauder-Intruder board highly recommend it mainly because the Marauder's RPMs at highway speeds are kind of high. Here's some info I found:

5th gear rpm @60 mph are:
15 tooth - 3884
16 tooth - 3641
17 tooth - 3427

And a nice quote:

The front sprocket change is one of the easiest, cheapest and best
mods you can do on a 'Rauder. The sprocket change affects lower rpm
operation very little, but makes a bigger difference at cruise speeds.
A 17 will drop your rpm about 600 - 800 rpm at 70 mph. I've been on
several +400 mile trips with a 16 tooth, and it way more comfortable
than the 15.
Bear in mind this very Marauder specific ;)
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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