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Hello all. I am here to post to welcome myself to the forum and find out some information from some suzuki experts. Anyways, im from Columbus Ohio and I just got done restoring my motorcycle. My dad bought the bike in 1975 and it sat in his fathers basement (my grandpa) for the last 29 years. So I finally got the chance to get it from his basement and take it back to our house and Restore it! So, over the last few months I have been restoring the bike and it is finally finished and runs like its off the lot!!

Anways, Its a 1975 Suzuki TS250 Savage with 911.1 miles on the odometer. I have driven the bike for 3.0 miles since It has been restored.
Some of the following things in which were replaced or modified were:

Cylinder Bored,wiseco forged piston, b8ES NGK platinum spark plug, rings, Full gasket kit, and a new battery.

The bikes headlight, talilight, speedometer, and tach work like new. Everything on the bike works fine and is fully functional. It has original plates and title, and even the original tool kit under the seat =). Again, the bike is basically NEW. The paint is flawless, and the engine and transmission is likewise!

I am looking for an estimated value on what my bike would be worth, It is for sale and I am taking offers. I am looking for an estimated value on what my bike would be worth, It is for sale and I am taking offers. Any replies I would greatly appreciate. The bike looks brand new, and I will post pictures by 9/21. Thanks

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To a collector or museum, perhaps a decent sum. Quite frankly, it has been my experience that bikes of that era that bring the $$$ are the Big Four muscle bikes (H1, H2, GT-750 etc.)

Nobody really wants an old street 250, regardless of the condition. You might try advertising it nationally (like you did here - but in Cycle News, Cycle Trader etc.) There also might be a forum or two dealing with that bike, but I have never seen one. You also might want to look at Japan. 70's Big Four bikes are HOT there! Big $$$ are being paid by Japanese collectors especially for 250-500 models. A large number of old motorcycles there are destroyed, instead of being passed on.

I have seen guys that fly over here and comb salvage yards, want ads etc. to find those. They ship them back to Japan, restore them and make big $$$.

Something to think about.

- Nut
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