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Rip off

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When I shopped for prices for my next bike, I asked the price of the lower fairing for the SV650S. The clerk tells me it's $1000 CDN. I was like "Hmmm Ooook"

When I got home I started doing some research on the net and found that the MSRP for that piece was $469 US which translates to more or less $575 CDN.

Now, there is a stretch between 575 and 1000. A huge stretch. What's even better is that RonAyers has the part for $389 US and OneidaSuzuki for $374 US.

One thing for sure, is that I wrote down all the MSRP for the accessories. I'll add that to my bargaining hoping to get a fully-faired SV650S.

God I love the internet.
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Yes it would indeed be illgela in my mind and I'll rub his nose in it when I go see him next time (if he wins the price wars).

-"About that lower cowling... What's the price again?"
Depending on his answer:
-"I wonder what Suzuki would think of that or the Better Business Bureau"
My mistake then. Thanks Uncle Bob.
There's not a lot for sale. And the one I looked at was not that much lower than a new one. I'd rather pay a few bucks more per months and have the warranty and a new bike.
Thanks Uncle Bob :bows:

Okay I guess I could forget it then and order it from either site and have it deliverd in Ogdensburg NY. Ride over there, install it and re-cross the customs. :mrgreen:

As for the colors, for the blue SV, it's the exact same part number for '04 and '05 (slightly different for the yellow though).

I think I'll ask Suzuki Canada anyway, just for kicks.
Ogdensburg is only on hour away from me. And I know a few people who are already doing this. They have the stuff shipped to Mailboxes Etc., pass the border one way, grab stuff ride a bit in NY for a few hours and head home.
Louis' email to Suzuki Canada said:

I'm currently in the process of going through my local dealer to find the best place to buy my next motorcycle which is gonna a 2005 SV650S. I 'll buy the bike within the next month. When shopping, I've asked about the price of the full lower cowling for the blue 2005 SV650S (part number: 990D0-17G20-YC2). I was told that the part is about $1000 Cdn. This was confirmed with two separate dealers from different regions.

What raises questions is that according to the US Suzuki website, the MSRP for the said part is $469 US. Now considering the current exchange rate(about 21%), the part could have a canadian MSRP of $599. Having the MSRP of close to $1000 results in an exchange rate of over %200!

Could someone explain this me?


Louis Savard
Suzuki Canada's reply said:
Thank you for your email.

The retail price of the lower cowling is: $998.99
These cowlings come from Suzuki in Germany.

There are many more things to take into consideration than simple exchange rates. Shipping costs, duties, taxes also play a role. It is also important to note that Suzuki in Japan sells their products to their distributors (ie. Suzuki Canada, American Suzuki, etc..) at different prices since market volumes vary from one country to another.

Suzuki Canada Inc. prices its products to be competitive and consistent with other Canadian motorcycle distrubutors/manufacturers.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your interest in Suzuki products.

Customer Relations
Relations à la clientèle
Are you impressed? I'm not. :|
That's sucks. If it weren't for all the trouble, I'd buy my bike in the US. Should we dare contact the Suzuki World Headquarters ;) I'm kidding of course.
Thanks folks. I'm thinking about my next action.

As for Suzuki Canada, all I can say is that I'm thankful that I have Uncle Bob. He was able to get a much better answer than I did. Must be experience... either that or the monkey did all the talking for him ;-)
I just signed the contract a few hours ago. I just have to wait to see if the bank approves the financing (God I hate that step I always feel like a total nobody). I maybe could have worked a better deal by a few hundreds but I'm pleased. Got the price I wanted, I have a accessories and equipment tax-free for a year.

Just have to free some room and sell my GPz. Any takers? ;-)
I'll be sure to post pics. however, since there's still snow here, I'm not into that of a hurry of getting the bike. I don't have a shed yet (coming this summer) so I have to tell the dealer a week in advance and I'll get the bike.
Thanks Uncle Bob, but I don't want to import the bike from the US, just the bloody fairing. Importing the bike wouldn't make sense, I didn,t have all the figures but just the hassle (registration, certification, what not) would discourage anyone.

Don't we have Free Trade between the US and Canada?
No, it's too dark!
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