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Rip off

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When I shopped for prices for my next bike, I asked the price of the lower fairing for the SV650S. The clerk tells me it's $1000 CDN. I was like "Hmmm Ooook"

When I got home I started doing some research on the net and found that the MSRP for that piece was $469 US which translates to more or less $575 CDN.

Now, there is a stretch between 575 and 1000. A huge stretch. What's even better is that RonAyers has the part for $389 US and OneidaSuzuki for $374 US.

One thing for sure, is that I wrote down all the MSRP for the accessories. I'll add that to my bargaining hoping to get a fully-faired SV650S.

God I love the internet.
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I can see that, but isn't that illegal? Who knows what they try to pull. I probably got scammed in the past too. I ordered an o-ring for the upper oil line that goes into the valve cover. Stealer wanted $5 each. I thought that was high, even for the stealer.

The parts manager said "well, some of the parts for older bikes cost more. Suzuki raised the prices."

He didn't know what to say when I told him that was the same part used on all the Bandits, Katana's etc. in his showroom, and has been for nearly 20-years.

Ahhh . . . the horrah!

- Nut
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