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Rip off

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When I shopped for prices for my next bike, I asked the price of the lower fairing for the SV650S. The clerk tells me it's $1000 CDN. I was like "Hmmm Ooook"

When I got home I started doing some research on the net and found that the MSRP for that piece was $469 US which translates to more or less $575 CDN.

Now, there is a stretch between 575 and 1000. A huge stretch. What's even better is that RonAyers has the part for $389 US and OneidaSuzuki for $374 US.

One thing for sure, is that I wrote down all the MSRP for the accessories. I'll add that to my bargaining hoping to get a fully-faired SV650S.

God I love the internet.
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Thanks Uncle Bob, but I don't want to import the bike from the US, just the bloody fairing. Importing the bike wouldn't make sense, I didn,t have all the figures but just the hassle (registration, certification, what not) would discourage anyone.

Don't we have Free Trade between the US and Canada?
like you said earlier...go across and buy it in NY, install it and ride back...there is NO WAY you could get caught!

trappercase said:
Does that include bikes or just accesories? What would be the duty on a bike if you were to buy in US and ride it home?
This is the post I was answering and the question had been asked before but I didn't quite know where to look for the info, finally found it.

Don't we have Free Trade between the US and Canada?
Not universal free trade, quotas and tariffs on a lot of products. Still can't get Canadian beef into the US. But mainly the free trade agreement is for merchandise produced in our countries not those imported into either. I think there would not be an import tariff on Harley's for example.
Step 1. get cardboard
Step 2. paint it the colour of your bike
Step 3. Use crazy glue to stick it on your bike
Where's that BAN button !
Pinhy said:
like you said earlier...go across and buy it in NY, install it and ride back...there is NO WAY you could get caught!

No, there is NO CHANCE that someone from US Customs is lurking on this forum :roll:
Who cares about US customs, it's Canadian customs that check you out on your way back to Canada. :wink:

Come to think of it, it's probably easier to have the fairing installed in the US then get back into Canada without declaring it than to try and ride into the US with your lunch which would probably be confiscated especially if it contains beef.

Reminds of an old story, I'll keep it short.

Seems this guy would cross the border everyday on his bicycle with a bag of dirt on the handle bars. He did this for years, everytime the customs agents would check the bag to make sure there wasn't anything else than dirt in the bag.

One day the guy says to the agents that this would be his last crossing since he was retiring and moving bak to his native Italy. So the guards say to him, ok we know you've been smuggling something all these years and would like to know what ? Please tell us and we promise not to do anything with the information.

He thinks about it for awhile then tells them, I've been smuggling a bicycle a day !
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. . . he's stealing wheelbarrows!

(punch line from an old military joke with a "moral")
anyone seen my flashlight??? :)
No, it's too dark!
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