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RM Plastic Tank Repair

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Long story aside, I need to know if the fuel tank of my '95 RM 125 can be repaired with epoxy, or similar/better adhesive. The lower corner of the tank {at radiator shroud mounting bolt) is cut clean off). Will regular epoxy withstand and hold up to fuel? I'm having a helluva time finding a used tank ('93-'95 is same tank) and don't want to pay a dealer $350+ for a new one. Any advice (OR AN AVAILABLE GOOD USED TANK) would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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I DECIDED TO EPOXY THE TANK AND REINSTALL SO I CAN RIDE WHILE I LOOK FOR A REPLACEMENT TANK. Epoxy is curing as I type. I'll leave a post with the results, for those who may have the same dilemma.
The epoxy worked great!!! I used the type that is moldable, with a clay-like consistancy, instead of the liquid type.
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