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Roadside service ?

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Just curious if anyone here had any recommendations on motorcycle roadside service companies.
I've been doing some fairly long rides lately and it would just add to the comfort level to know you
could call for a trailer if the need arises.


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Also be aware that some major roads (like most toll roads) only allow row trucks from "authorized" companies to tow from that road. I've broken down on the Mass Pike and the AAA tow trucks in that area were not allowed on the pike, so I had to pay and submit it for (limited) reembursement.

Limited = You will be reimbursed for the covered services at the prevailing rate for the region.
Things may have changed since I broke down or someone was not truthful to me a while back.......

From the MAssPike website
Those who need towing may call the company of their choice, or, may choose a towing company selected by competitive bid to offer the lowest price along the MassPike and the Metropolitan Highway System. If a vehicle is in an unsafe location, the State Police may authorize immediate towing.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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