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rode my friends 03 gixxer tonight

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so my friend let me mess around on his gixxer tonight and man did that thing beg to go fast

i brought it up to about 11 grand in second and it just wanted to keep pulling

the clutch and throttle werent as tough to get used to as i thought they would be

and all around it was a fun time had by me

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ta2bandit said:
i just bought my b12 and im pretty sure its right up there with the r6's and gixxers as far as power and the b has more low end grunt, no waiting till it hit11k before it makes the power, i can roll the throttle in 2nd and it picks my 220 lbs right up, and with the drag bars on and the rear lift it feels just like a gixxer in the twisties but alot less fatigue after an hour, but its up to you just buy big!!!
no replacement for displacement
The big Banditos are suh-weet, aren't they?
SuzukiGirl1 said:

We're all dying over here?!?!?! :x :wink:
Way to go Man, make her beg... :p
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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