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????'s about seats.......

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I have a 96 800 marauder. I am 6' 5" my wife is 5' 3". When we ride I am blocking everything, she cant see anything. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get me lower without getting her higher. I hope that isnt too confusing. I dont know if there is a thinner seat out there????. ANY IDEAS???? thanks
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I'm afraid that if you lower your seat, you will put yourself in an uncomfortable riding position. If you raise hers, you put her in an unsafe riding position.

I have to agree with some of the other guys. Get her a bike and teach her to ride. You can't imagine the fun you two will have when she's on her own bike. My wife wasn't much into bikes until she learned to ride last summer. Now, she'd rather ride somewhere than drive. The key though, let her learn at her own pace, let her lead when you ride so she can stay in her comfort zone, make sure she has a bike she can handle, don't push her and make sure she takes the MSF course. With her size, a Savage would be perfect or possibly an 800 Intruder.

Sorry, this isn't an answer to your seat question.
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