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S50 - Fiamm horn mounting?

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The S50 horn is, well, .. from a Japanese motorcycle. It doesn't blow, it sucks.

Easy fix, go to Pepboys and get a Fiamm. Worked wonders on my Honda (mmm, dual horn now), and it looks like it'll be east to get to the existing S50 horn. Then the hard part: the bolt stem on the Fiamm just isn't long enough to get through the grommet where the stock S50 horn goes.

Anyone have any success getting an alternative horn mounted? Any vibration issues by using the bracket that Fiamm gives, and a different bolt that is long enough to attach the Fiamm bracket to the Suzuki rubber grommeted bracket?
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obviously you people havent ever driven in new york city! they blow their horn at every intersection that there is someone waiting at to be sure you know they are there.

One time in tight traffic someone started to change lanes into my spot and i moved way over in my lane and hit the horn...they jerked right back over into their lane when i did. Had a time when they had their radio on and didnt hear it though, but i was on the brakes at the same time and was able to slow way down and they got in front of me. At that point my "venting" was a more physical means of communication in clear view of their rear view mirror :evil:

so it has its purposes

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