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S50: RPM vs. Road Speed

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Hi All,

I'm a new member here. My wife and I recently took the MSF motorcycle safety course and then bought herself an S50 :smile: - pretty cool gal...

I'm really proud of how well she is doing, especially considering that she had never even driven a manual transmission car before this.

The problem is that she is short shifting, because she doesn't know what the engine should sound like for a given speed. My question is whether there is a chart available that shows engine speed ranges vs. road speed for each gear to help her improve her gear selection?
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Even though the manual shows the low shift speeds, she should not be looking at the speedometer, in order to determine when to upshift. Looking at the instruments is a deadly habit, especially for a newbie rider.
I would consider riding in front of her and maybe waving when you know that she should be shifting. In doing that, she will soon begin to "feel" what is right.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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