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savage is backfiring when engine is turned off

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just bought an 04 savage 650, have put on just 250 miles on it, all stock, runs great, does not have the decelertion popping, but it does have the problem of backfiring/coughing/puffing, (chose one) when you turn off the engine, it does it with the gas lid on or off, and it doesnt matter if you use the key or the kill button, is this normal for a savage, will it hurt the engine, can rejetting help, if so would it be the needle clip position or main jet, thought i would ask before putting it in the shop, two weeks after i got it....

thanks in advance
(yes, i tried a search but was not very good at it, this is my first post, so be kind)))
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It is NOT good

That is a sign that you are too lean. At that setting you are not at maximun efficiency or power and can run hot and also blue your pipes. Drill out your brass plug over the idle mixture screw (right side of bike, use 5/32 bit and be careful it is about 1/4 thick and close to the mixture screw head....use a slow 12V drill or similar, then pull with a screw) and adjust it to the highest idle. For me that was around 1.5 turns out. This is also the Dynojet recomendation. Then readjust the idle (make a mental not of the idle before adjusting) with the idle adjuster on the left of the bike.

My idle mixture screw was only 1/16th of a turn out from the factory. That EPA crap is ridiculous. A guy from Canada said his idle mixture screw was 1 1/4 from the factory which makes more sense. I had both the turn-off backfire and decel backfire and now I only get a very occasional decel backfire that I can control if I want. I will fully rejet with a K&N and Supertrapp in the spring.
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