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saying hello

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Hello All,

I'm not an M50 owner just yet, just a couple weeks. Got the Black on hold (no blue :( ) But I'll be spotting in quite often till I get it and load the pic's up as I add to it. :)

Been in the saddle for about 14 years, so not a new rider at all. Mostly sport bikes and standards (Yamaha), but the looks of the M50 and the test ride of a C50 sold me on Suzuki's. Waiting on the VA to get off their butts and send me some overdue money and I'll go down to pick it up.

Have not owned a cruiser since my 883, but glad to have found one I with the features I wanted. For those of you adding on...keeps those pics coming cause I wasn't sold on the backrest until I say a pic of it installed.

Trashed my older Seca II last December when some idiot whipped out in front of me trying to beat a bus, so I'm MORE than anxious to get back on the road. Going stircrazy...hehe

Adios for now
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Hey Dragbar, I am waiting too...just ordered my black one two days ago..My dealer has blue and red ones... but I didn't care for the blue or red, (and saved $100!) I am expecting a call Monday or Tuesday...and can't friggin wait! Been ten years for me since my last street bike...keep us posted...
The one complaint I have about the styling of the M50 is the Chrome piece that goes up the side of the rear fender..and the sissybar mounts make it look so much better. I'm definately getting one too...and some saddle bags thatt either install without a crossover strap or that will install under the rear seat...anyone have some pics of their saddlebags and opinions of why they chose a particular set??
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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